Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It' Okay That I will Not Be Returning to College

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Its Okay......
That I found out that I can not do my bachelors degree. I had decided to go back to college and get my bachelors in Business Administration. Not something I particularly wanted to do but it's what is in demand in the job industry around here. You can go anywhere with a BS degree. Well I already have an associates, but that degree is no good for anything and I found out I wasted tons of money doing this. I was young so therefore I screwed around, failed classes, dropped out, went back so in my being dumb and making bad choices I ran up my student loan bill. I am at $55,000! Ouch! Scary number huh? I did not know that they put a cap on student loans until a few days ago. The cap is $57,000. So that left me with $2,000 plus what I can get from a pell grant which is about $4,000. Yeah right, this will not get me my bachelors at $414 a credit! So I un-enrolled. No more college for me. Its okay though, I did not want to really go for that. I will just be a stay at home mom for a long time and figure out how to pay those crappy loans that are worthless. 

Logan starts his new preschool tomorrow. I am excited about him going and its okay that I will miss him. He will be in good hands. Hopefully much better hands than his previous school. Check out this video that shows what a wonderful school/company this is. 

Russellville Grand Opening from Pediatrics Plus on Vimeo.

It will be all okay....My son will be in wonderful hands :-)


  1. I hope he enjoys his preschool!

    Dang, that is expensive. :/ I wish college were free. It would make things so much easier.

  2. How on earth did you get 55k in loans for an assoc. degree?!

    1. Like I said in the post, dumb decisions..Dropping out, re-enrolling, failing some classes due to laziness because I was burned out, in more than one way, etc.......At $400+ per credit, it is very very easily done. Obviously. Online universities cost more $$ for the convenience of being at home :-/ It would cost me $35,000 for the bachelors.

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  4. Everything happens for a reason doll! I'm sure you'll find the right path :)


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