Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School Day!

Today was back to school in our neck of the woods and let me tell you I was one happy (step) mom! Being stuck in the house 24/7 for 3 months with two boys, one 16 the other 11 who thinks the couch would float away if they peeled themselves off of it, was not a happy summer. It had its good moments but I definitely welcome the break. 
Logan starts his new preschool (developmental) Wednesday. That will be a bit harder for me. I have enjoyed having my little boy home. It will be back to the normal routine that it once was. He goes to school, comes home and starts his ABA therapy at home then its time for bed. I do not get anytime with him and he is only 3. He is one busy busy little boy. 
The boys have made it home and boom more supplies we have to get. We had a specific list for Cory. We even double checked to make sure which list we went by. Well he brings home his papers from school and we have extra things we have to buy. Then everything he brought home has his very first name, Daniel on it when I specifically wrote on all the enrollment papers that he goes by Cory. The problems with having Four names right? (not my doing, I am not the birth mom) Oh and some of the rules! Ridiculous. Only 3 bathroom passes allowed during a 9 weeks period? If the child has to go any other time it will be counted as a tardy. I do not know about yall but when kids gotta go they gotta go. I would have gotten tons of tardies. 
Another funny thing is, this teacher sends home a power point that is printed out and she has spelling and grammar errors. She is a teacher lol. Yes I know, they are human too and make mistakes. But on the very first slide? People, even teachers are relying to much on spell check. If there is not a little red squiggly line under it they do not double check and see the grammar error. I have them but hey, I do not have a degree to teach. 

Now the highschool kid (Sean) comes home and says the entire times of the schedules have changed. Lots of things are different but since this one has issues talking, he stumbles over his words all the time so he has a hard time explaining anything. Then he tells us they had an assembly at school and during this in which there was a proposal. One of the teachers boyfriends proposed. Am I just on a bitchy kick or is this inappropriate to anyone else? This is school. I just do not agree with it. Maybe I just dislike this school district so much I am finding stuff to nit pick. 
Hopefully the year proves to be better. If not we just may have to make a move. 

Other than all my complaining the boys had a good day. It is Cory's first year in this school district. Atkins Red Devils in Arkansas. He even said he made a new friend. A new kid from Arizona. At least he did not spend the day by himself. That was my biggest worry for him. Sean the Sophomore, I had no worries. Hes fine. Other than the fact he wore a shirt he wore all the time last year all stained up and strings hanging all over it (despite all the new ones we bought him).

Boys.........I just do not understand them. Sorry no pictures of their first day..Does this make me a bad step mom? How were you little ones first day?


  1. We go back on 3rd September and my boy is in year 1 so his first "real" year of school. It's gone so quickly!! I still have my girls at home for another 2 years x #mmwbh

  2. We go back on the third too, I think the holiday has gone so quickly, which makes me sad as it also means summer is really over.


  3. My boy goes back next thursday. Im 4 days overdue at the mo & was hoping he'd get to spend a couple of weeks at home with his baby brother but this baby has other ideas!! :)
    How awful that they spelt 'seat' wrong!!

  4. Our children don't go back for another fortnight. I would've been tempted to send the note back to school with a big red circle around the spelling mistake! #mmwbh


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