Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Version of Smores Pie

Here lately I have been having a huge craving for smores. I have no idea why, I have never had one so I had no idea whether I like them or not. 
(no, not pregnant)

We were out grocery shopping and thought why not try them? One thing though, I did not want to mess with a campfire. After all it is summer and hot hot hot outside so why in the world would I want to sit at a fire to try something that I am not sure I will even like? 

1 graham cracker crust
1 pkg of hersheys chocolate chips
1 pkg of marshmallows

pour half the pkg of chocolate chips on the crust, dump the desired amount of marshmallows on top. I put the oven on 300 degrees and let the marshmallows brown and melt. 

I let it cook just a little bit before cutting it. It will come out of the pan just like a piece of pie. You definitely want to eat this while it is warm. The chocolate will harden and the marshmallows will not be gooey. 

The verdict? I liked it, I will use less chocolate next time but this was a good dessert. It satisfied my sweet tooth! The boys liked it at as well so we will make it again. 


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