Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weekend Anxiety!

This weekend was kind of busy but not really. Monday was the kicker. 
Mr. Sexy and I decided to actually go on a date Friday night. Just us!
I had a reason to wear makeup

We have not done that in a long long time so it was nice. We did the cliche dinner and a movie or well the movie and a dinner. We decided on going to go see Hercules which was a good choice. The movie was very good in my opinion but Mr. Sexy did not like it all that much. He said it was missing something. Gee I wonder what? There was no nudity or sex in the movie what so ever! I think thats one of the reason I liked it so much. 

The theater environment was kind of creepy. I guess because it was a matinee showing and at 4:40 there was only one person in the movie with us. I kept having anxiety that he was going to jump up from his seat and open fire. Go ahead and laugh but it was a thought that kept running through my head. After the movie we went to Ruby Tuesdays for something to eat and drink. Well I am never ever pleased with their food but Mr. Sexy wanted the spinach artichoke dip. That did not satisfy my hunger so I ordered some mozzarella sticks.  That did not do the trick and why waste anymore money? I am never happy with Ruby Tuesday. Only thing they have going for them is the bar.
I do not remember Saturday really or Sunday. I think I just worked on my blanket that I am crocheting at the moment. We are boring people, what can I say? Not really boring its just we live where there is nothing ever going on and if we do want to go somewhere we have to drive 2 hours away. Very lame and I am totally sick of living here. 
Monday we had to register the kids for school. Cory is going into the 6th grade, Sean is a sophomore and Logan is enrolling into Pediatrics Plus! We toured this school and it is amazing. The functional play room has a space ship built into it, a play house that will have everything in it, a puppet theater and art center. The walls are sensory geared! In the physical therapy rooms they have a zip line going into a ball pit. Outside they have mini golf and a track for tricycle riding. I am excited for this change in school. I am hoping Logan adjusts well and has fun! 
This week there is not much going on again. Just me working on my blanket and getting ready for the yard sale. We dont have much to sale but hey why not throw out what we do have and see if we can make $20 or so? 

I am not linking up to anywhere today. Just writing..... 

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