Friday, August 22, 2014

A New Meme! What is in My Junk Drawer

So during some random blog hopping that I do everyday I found a new meme to participate in.  Over at Jenerally Informed she hosts a Mommy Reality meme and this weeks theme she wants to know what is in our junk drawer. I was happy to share my post. So on to it...

Honestly I do not have a "drawer" I have a basket that sits on my side table by my couch. "My Spot" everyone in the house knows this is my spot. (one of my sheldon (big bang theory) tendencies. 

So there is some thread for bracelets I used to make and tacky glue, an old cell phone I got out because my moms messed up so I was going to give her this one but as you can see it just ended up in my junk basket. My ear buds, fingernail clippers, tweezers and chap stick. Nothing fancy. 

Now on the other hand my Mr. Sexy has junk drawers everywhere. He is a hoarder of everything I swear so I decided to give you tiny glimpse into his junkiness. 
First drawer, some random patches from when we rode, wires, papers and I see a pill bottle there

More papers, more wires and diablo playing manuel and some pennies

More papers and a router/modem..two of them, bullets and guess what?? More papers and more wires

And this is not it, low and behold he has this in the kitchen

There are more around the house as well.....

Jenerally Informed


  1. Thanks for stopping by and following. I followed back. The couch was my junk spot but I've moved my papers to a desk. Well I have a few things on the couch too... My problem is paper--receipts, mail, magazines, scrap paper...

  2. Nice to meet you, thanks for participating this week, Melissa!

    I have a junk basket that looks nearly identical to yours with the nail file sticking out and everything!

  3. Oh yes - I have junk drawers everywhere. You just never know what might come in handy! #weekendbloghop

  4. So glad to meet you and that you linked up this week! I think your guy and mine have a lot in common. His junk (he calls them collections) is crazy out of control! It mostly consists of old computer parts he says will be useful in the future......

  5. I have my seat in the house too and beside it I have a cabinet where store my necessities/junk too...As well as in drawers!...Blush.

    Your man likes to collect junk for sure. I love the see through junk drawer thingy, saves having to open the drawers to find anything!


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