Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday Social All about TV/Movies/Songs

Social Sunday
Hey its that time again. I missed it by a day. I guess I should really get into figuring out how to schedule posts. Eh, maybe someday!

1. One show on netflix that you wish was there
Well I do not watch netflix anymore, in fact I rarely get control of the t.v. The kids and the husband are t.v. hogs!! At one point and time I wish there had been The Walking Dead there but it is now so that was awhile ago. 

2. One song you wish they would play on the radio more often
I do not really listen to the radio. I have this nifty app or even on the computer called iheart radio that I custom make my channels so I hear what I want when I want :-)

3. The one song you like to sing in the car loudly
A lot of them! Not a singe particular one stick out. 

4. What movie/tv show do you quote the most?
This is funny but I catch myself saying "Hey you guys" from The goonies! Love that movie

5. What is a silly thing you do daily?
Umm I really can not answer this for myself because I never think I am silly. This is something the kids and Mr. Sexy would have to answer. 
How about you? Whats your t.v/movie/song answers??


  1. Oh my gosh. I have been living under a rock ! You know I have never seen The Goonies !! Think I shall add it to my Summer to do list :D

    1. Definitely do watch this. It was a childhood favorite!

  2. My fave songs are always Motown hits. Well, in terms of songs I would like to hear more of on the radio. Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch is a fave.


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