Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt!!

So far this weekend my kids are slacking on the Scavenger hunt findings for themselves. I almost think they might opt out this week. It is pretty tough. I had a hard time myself so I went looking through my old photos to see if I could find my "findings."

The list for this week:
Meet Me At The Corner
Mother Nature Meets Technology
One Step At A Time
What's Wrong With This Picture?
Standing Tall

"Meet Me At The Corner"
I have no idea why but this reminds me of a cemetery. That was the first thing to pop into my
This is the next picture that I found that reminded me of this. Kind of like me standing in the doorway waiting for my husband to meet me somewhere, so why not at the corner?

"Mother Nature Meets Technology"
This is an old water mill that my husband and I happen to run across on our round about road trips. As you can tell it has been beaten down by mother nature. In case you did not know the water mill is technology.

"One Step At A Time"
No explanation needed

"Whats Wrong With This Picture"
Umm well here my daughter is ten years old and she is still sucking her thumb!
 The same kid that is sucking her thumb pointed this out. 

"Standing Tall"
No explanation

If my kids decide to participate I will post their findings later :-)

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  1. Thanks for linking up to Loving the weekend hop on my blog.
    Your kids are so adorable. My daughter, Ellie is also sucking on her thumb at bed time and I think it's cute :)

    Hugs to all

    1. Thanks for following me back and commenting. Us bloggers love it :-) That daughter sucking her thumb is now 14 (she may kill me if she reads this) but she is still an occasional thumb sucker. It worries me really. We have tried to break her habit but nothing works.

  2. These are so great! Looks like you had a lot of fun finding the pics!

  3. Wonderful set. My favorite is your Mother Nature Meets Technology. I also had a chuckle over your What's Wrong with this Picture entries. Thanks for following my blog and I'll be following yours too. Have a great week.

  4. Loved your mother nature shot!!!!

  5. I loved this post, what fun :)

  6. ARen't water wheels just so fun to watch AND photograph? The texture on them from age is just beautiful.

  7. What a great set - loving that old mill.


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