Friday, June 1, 2012

Concert, Did You Say??

My husband works for Wal-Mart. He actually works at the David Glass Technology Center which is part of Wal-Mart home office.  This week has been a huge event for Wal-Mart. The shareholders meeting has been in full force. One of the perks of these meetings are the free concerts. Usually the general public is allowed in. This year they decided to go about it a different way. Instead a mass e-mail went out to ALL the employees and gave instructions on how to obtain tickets for the event through ticketmaster. No general public was allowed. 
My husband followed the directions and got our tickets the minute they went up for grabs. This year the concert Tuesday night, Carrie Underwood and Chris Young and then on Wednesday night was Cheap Trick and Aerosmith! 
I was happy and tickled my husband got tickets to Wednesday night. I have always been a huge huge fan of Aerosmith ever since I could remember and even had tons of their CDs as a teenager.  
My mother-in-law came down from Springfield MO and stayed the night to babysit the kids so my husband and I could go to the concert. (thank goodness for her)
We had a blast and the place was packed! Not an empty seat in the place. I am so happy that I get to mark something off my bucketlist! I am so in love with Steven Tyler. Now I had heard of Cheap Trick but could not recall their music. When we got to the concert and they played their stuff I knew exactly who they were. After the concert we went and ate at Denny's. We had a great outing together. 
On our way to the concert!

Us After the concert. 

Okay anyways I get up this afternoon and look at facebook and this is what I find. This here is a comment left on my facebook status that I posted saying

Only a few more hours until Aerosmith
I wanna know how the Hell you got tickets when you don't work there and neither does your husband. that was 
suppose to be for shareholders only. NOBODY was able to get tickets but you. funny how that Shit worked out.

My Reply

 April my husband does work for wal mart!
 You might want to know the facts before you go posting comments like that

Her Reply

I just think it's funny how you were the only one able to get tickets. don't tell me about knowing facts. here's a fact for you. did you know that somehow this "zone" was listed as a foreign country and that's apparently why nobody else could get tickets?
Anyway, glad you had Fuckloads of fun because nobody but you and Justin were able to.

I can not get over how someone could be 

Jealous over a concert. You 

Know I can not help but roll my eyes

at people like this. I grew up with this 

person. I am sorry for the language

but that is exactly how she put it. Copy 

and paste!! Hope all of you enjoy your

Friday. I have a photo shoot at noon!

Tots and Me

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