Monday, June 25, 2012

08 and 09 Photo Flashback

Yesterday was a HOT lazy Sunday and it will only be getting HOTTER this week. We stayed in and did absolutely nothing. Besides my normal cleaning routine. I have been letting the kids do the chores around the house but today I flipped. I could not take it anymore. I had to wash the dishes myself. Whew my kitchen is now clean. I am also not feeling normal. I am stressed to the max and just so angry towards everything and everyone. I have no explanation why, I just feel off. 
Anyways I decided to go through some of my old photos on our D-link that I have taken. Since I now have some great editing software that I am in love with (lightroom 4) I wanted to edit some old photos and I have decided to share some of my favorite ones on here. These are from the years 2008 and 2009. 

I thought this church deserved some texture
This is the only suspension bridge left in Arkansas. I believe. Not sure I could be wrong

Old Building in Eureka Springs Arkansas

 Now this is not even close to the amount I edited today. I will share more another day. 
Do not be afraid to tell me what you think. 

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