Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 on Tuesday

It is Tuesday and we made it through another Monday! This Tuesday I am linking up with 3 different themes. 

First we have Touch Up Tuesday with Paper Heart Camera

No touch ups, No nothing!

So I cropped, increased contrast and used the sharpen tool just as Sarah Halstead did with her photo. Hers is much better though!

Paper Heart Camera

Next up is Texture Tuesday, you can link up with Kim Klassen over at Kim Klassen Cafe
She will even provide you with a free texture to apply to your photo and the theme this Tuesday is Flowers
This is the untouched version. And of course I did not use a flower flower but a tree blossom. I figured it would count.


Now for the last (I think). This one is Barn Charm over at Bluff Area Daily. For this particular one I have two different shots of the same barn.

Hope you all enjoyed Tuesdays set of pictures because I had a blast editing!


  1. oh, i love the black & white barn. gorgeous flower & butterfly as well. thanks, for linking up. nice to always meet a new barn charm friend. i'm Beth from VA by the way. take care. (:

  2. they are all just beautiful!

  3. well done! LOVE the first one, the bokeh is beautiful, LOVE the B&W, and the flower, ah..so pretty!

  4. I did enjoy your pics...very much! Photo challenges are great learning tools!

  5. You did such a nice job with your edits! I especially like the one you did for texture Tuesday :)

  6. great edit! Love the butterfly and I love the shot of the barn!

  7. Very spesial and old barn!
    Have a nice day!
    From Photo by Ingun, Norway

  8. Love the barn shots! What state is it in?

  9. Love that barn! Either shot.

  10. Enjoyed the photos and the comments....I love the butterfly, but then I am partial to butterflies.

  11. hi from the gfc hop!

    visit nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    have a good night!

  12. Your first barn photo looks like a dry brush watercolor painting--very soft and lovely. I'm always pleased when I get a photo that looks great with no edits, but then it's also fun--and stokes your creative streak--to experiment with the different editing options.

  13. Nice barn, lots of use I imagine. I was noticing the longer roof on this side perhaps to cover a workarea or something of that nature.

    Love your butterfly.. my mom in her later years would sit and watch butterflies. It reminds me of her.

  14. These were wonderful. That is a gorgeous butterfly in your 1st shot. I liked the unedited version the best.
    Your barn shots were both great, I liked the 1st version the best.

  15. I don't know where you're located, but that roof looks like the long slanting styles used to allow snow and ice to slide off easily. Great shots. :-)

    Noteworthy Musings - Barn Charm #91


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