Saturday, June 16, 2012

Birds and Bubbles

I am still waiting for birds to come to my feeders. I have seen ONE hummingbird. *sigh* What do I need to do to get these little guys to come around?

In the meantime it was a pretty quiet week. The husband working on his bike to get it ready for riding, kids trying to stay out of trouble and just evenings at the park.  When you have four kids and on a tight budget you really can not take the kids out and do extravagant things. That is okay for them. They enjoy the small things.
Last night we were all sitting outside and I thought I would get some bubble pictures with Logan. I have seen these and have just thought they were the cutest photos! Here are my first tries ever getting bubble shots with the baby.

I have taken a lot more but have not gotten around to editing them all yet. This is was just two of my most favorite that I wanted to share. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Do not forget your Dad's tomorrow.

If you like my Logan picture with his bubble go on over to the hop and like my pic. Click on the image below

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  1. Beautiful photos. Love that last one.

  2. I've only seen a couple of hummingbirds this year! And haven't had to refill my feeder. Other than hubby knocking the one over on the back patio that is! Love the bubble photos!

  3. Wow I love your bubble pictures they are so awesome!

  4. I love the bubble pictures, especially the one in black and white with the color bubble! Just lovely. Also, great capture of the hummingbird, I find them very difficult to photograph, they move so fast...

  5. I love your bubble picture and I picked it as my favorite to feature at this week's Oh Snap!shots of the Week party. :) Thanks for linking up!!!

  6. Thank you all! I was happy to see that Logans picture was picked as one of her favorites.


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