Friday, June 22, 2012

I Was Her Favorite!

Last week was the very first week I participated in the Oh Snap! Shots of The Week! 
You can participate here
Happily Mother After

I was honored to see I received a special badge so I am proudly showing it off here!

Happily Mother After

This is so cool!! I love the fact that I was her favorite! Now you all can join in the fun too. 

Here is my shot of the week. My daughter! It was her birthday this week and I went out and got her a rose, balloon and stuffed animal to make her feel special when she woke up. She messed with this rose all day. 

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  1. So very sweet! I'm sure you made her feel very special!!! Thanks for mentioning the party to your readers too. :)

    I apologize for not posting the party last week and leaving you hanging. This week's party is now up though if you'd like to link up. :)


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