Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cucumber Turkey Wraps

Today for dinner I decided to try something new. My middle kids happen to be a little overweight so I am trying to find some healthier meals for them to enjoy. I know this is not exactly really "dinner" material but I got to think outside the box every now and then. 
Check out the recipe here

I go to the grocery store with $20. I needed to buy the ingredients plus milk and pepsi (my addiction, my coffee)

 I'm on a budget so its all off- name brand stuff for us

The recipe calls for 1/4 cup of chopped cucumbers but obviously I don't measure and just go by my eye

I had way to many so I just placed the rest in a bowl of water and put away in the refrigerator. The kids will eat these up in no time.

The recipe calls for 4 tbsp. of cream cheese, well I just used the whole thing.

I added some onion powder and some cheddar cheese (not in the recipe)

Spread it out on flour tortillas, add turkey and roll up and cut. 
The final product. My son and I liked it but my daughter who is very very picky decided she didn't. Of course this girl does not like most things. 

But there you have it. By the way I got this off of pinterest :-) 

Happy Monday, oh wait it is now Tuesday here. So Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Your wrap idea is good. You can wrap practically anything and make it into a meal. Plus it is light on the carbs so very healthy. I do wrap night once a week, but my 2 year old still not taken to it.
    found you on the hop and following. Please follow back at http://puzzlemecomplete.blogspot.com/

  2. Yummy! Glad I found you! Your newest follower via blog hop! Please follow back!?


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