Monday, May 28, 2012

Beginning Of My Summer

Memorial day has been used by some to mark the beginning of Summer as Labor Day marks the ending of summer and the beginning of fall. I believe this beginning of summer thing! It is already hot for me. As I have gotten older I have not been able to handle the heat like I used to ever since  I had my son. I was pregnant with him during the summer of 2010 and ever since then if it is above 80 degrees out I die! I absolutely hate to sweat unless it is accompanied by something productive. Getting out of the shower and drying myself off and I begin to sweat is not my definition of productive.
I am not a big fan of swimming, but since I have kids I try to suck it up and take them. I do have fun at times but mostly I just think I am going to die. This comes from my fear of drowning. As a child my parents never really took us swimming much. I never really learned how to swim. Yes I know, I should have swimming lessons but I am now 30 something and I do not want to look silly out there with a bunch of kindergardeners. I guess I could swim enough to save my own life if the need be but my goal is not come to that!
So my Summer has officially started! I got two of my kids for the summer on Friday. It has been nice having them here and knowing I do not have to take them back until sometime in July. I get my oldest June 7th. She has basketball camps and etc. to attend before being with her mom for the summer. But I have to deal with that now that she is in the teenage years.  That is okay, the other kids and I enjoyed our trip to the park. 

I had an infant photo shoot that did not go as well as I hoped. Maybe I am just hoping for to much at once. I have a tendency to be OCD and perfectionist and realize I am new at this and I can not have it all at once.  And since I am a beginner I do not have all the equipment I wish I had (new camera) But I am making do with what I have. 

I am really hoping that they will be satisfied with the result of the shoot. Keeping my fingers crossed. I have three more shoots confirmed and booked and waiting on two more for the small details since I will be traveling 200 miles to do these other shoots. 
I am glad I decided to take my photography to the next level and give a huge thanks to my husband who is supporting me the whole way. 
I am following some photographers blogs and I love learning new tips and tricks. It is wonderful that people out there share what they know. Really hoping this goes somewhere, if not that will be okay too.

Everyone enjoy your Memorial Day and those of you that get your extra day off. My husband actually had to work an extra day so our celebrations were non-existent. I am planning on a little something later on today (Monday) to take a short trip to the cemetery and catch some of the beautiful decorations. The town I live in has a huge ceremony and decoration. Thought it might be a good photo opportunity. Is that morbid or wrong of me?

Random shots of  Tigerlilys

The Things We Find Inside


  1. The sky you captured is beautiful and what a sweet newborn.

    1. Thank you! I was surprised that the sky came out that way.

  2. New Stalker from TTWFI hop! Love your summer pics... Love for you to stalk back :) I am hosting a mom's Monday Mingle. Love to have you!

    1. Sure thing! Thank you for following.

  3. Firstly, the baby is gorgeous and you are too hard on yourself. Secondly, my ex partner couldn't swim when we met, and she took a class (which I think there are a few free places here) for adults who couldn't swim. She said she was very glad she did it....something to think about. Enjoy the kids! We are going to see ours soon's hard to contain myself about it. Can't wait!
    Love ya ms. jonquil...thanks for the pics and the laughs.....


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