Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Yes! I am excited to be able to participate in the Sunday Scavenger Hunt again! I have missed it the last couple of weeks. 
If your a reader you know why, if not then I will tell you now. I have started off my photography hobby on the next level by doing some really cheap photo shoots for individuals so I have been busy, busy with that! Pretty exciting actually. I spend lots of time editing and perfecting so I totally ignore everything else. 
But I decided to take a break and participate. This is by far one of the most fun blog themes I participate in. 
Anyways this weeks categories are rainbow, fluffy, letters, metal and trees. 
Here are my interpretations and finds!!

We seen this as we were going to look at the house we are living in now. 


I could not pick just one. Who would not love to curl up in the lions mane? Minus the aggressiveness and the possibility of being ripped to shreds? I myself would love to. Then we have the prairie dog. Yes he is cuddly and fluffy but this one looks kinda rough :-) but still cute.

At one of the local liquor joints in the beautiful Fayetteville Arkansas! This is what came to my mind when I heard letters. Letters on a building or sign. I found this and just knew I had to post it.

I believe this is called a sickle mower. This is on my mom and dads property. I remember it being hooked up to our old John Deere or either the Farmall Cub. Not sure which but yup here it is, a hunk of metal :-) But still art in my eyes. 

Yes this is for real!! We were out on a random drive on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and here this was. Who would not stop and take a picture?

There you have it. My Sunday Scavenger Hunt Finds!

Thank you to Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos for hosting every week!
Ramblings and Photos


  1. Oh my gosh! That tree shot is HYSTERICAL! How could you not get a picture? You had to!

  2. You have a great sense of humor with your images of the lion (cuddle up?)and that tree shot is priceless, and the sign shot is just perfect!!

  3. Love your two fluffy pictures! Great finds this week!

  4. That tree is hysterical! Glad you stumbled upon it and thought to share that photo.

  5. That's awesome your taking your photography to the next level! Fun set of pictures:-) I agree that lion does look so soft and cuddly aside from being eaten up by it haha:-)

  6. Your fun series has me grinning ear to ear. Congrats on expanding your photography. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  7. Congrats on taking your hobby to the next level! I am about in the same stage you are, having my first two paying customers lined up for next month:) It's definitely very exciting!

  8. Nicely done - I really like rainbow.

  9. giggled at the letters in the sign. ha! ha! good to have you participating in SHS. I learn a lot from other blogs.

  10. Thank you everyone for the comments! I love love it!!!


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