Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Different Angles

As my current readers know that I am just starting out at this photography thing. I am enjoying and loving every minute of it! I may not have everything I need but I do have what I need to get started to build up to get what I do need. 
Anyways back to the subject at hand. I found this Tutorial Tuesday that anyone can participate in or just read the blogs for some tips for your photography. Check out the blogs if you would like:

I love different angles I may take several pictures of the same pose just at different angles. When I have walked away from a photo shoot I can tell I go to the extreme. My body will actually be sore. I bruised my knees all up at my infant shoot that I done last week. We were on a linoleum floor and I was on my knees a lot! I am a slender built woman so I'm bony lol! I lay on my belly, stand on something to make myself taller, lay on my back and so forth just to get the different angle! Take a look at what I have played with so far. 

Here I was on my back

I loved this shot! Of course I had them sit down while I shot from above. Now I wish I would have been standing on something to make it even better but you learn along the way right?

This is a shot from below. He was higher than I was and playing on some equipment at the park. Now I see the power lines, I should have removed them. *sigh*

Right on there level, on the ground on my belly :-)

Maybe if I get more practice in I wont be so sore after a shoot!

Tutorial Tuesday


  1. I love all of these angles. I need to start incorporating. Great ideas!

  2. SUch sweet shots - I love the one tha tyou laid on your back to capture the couple kissing from above...great work.

  3. Oh, gosh...I LOVE, LOVE LOVE the photo of the couple kissing with the sky in the background. GREAT idea and photo! All your photos were delightful.


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