Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Working On My Skills!

First I would like to say kudos to those working bloggers! How in the world do you find time to blog and work, I will never know. I guess you can prioritize your time correctly. Something I have discovered that I can not do. 

I have had a few more photo shoots and it seems I have been spending most of my time editing those photos. I am self teaching myself photoshop so yeah this takes a lot of time. I'm cheating a little and using photoshop elements 10. It's easier than the photoshop cs3 I also have that confuses the crap out of me. 

But I am managing and I am happy with some of my work that I have done. I have really come to love an effect called depth field. Love love this. 
Here is an example of it. 

This is an effect where you focus on your subject and blur out the background. Not to shabby if I say so myself. 
My last two shoots that I have booked were couples sessions, but of course I sneak in some individuals as well. Hence the two at top. But I love couples shoots. They are fun. Capturing the love in the couples eyes is worth it. 

I am still learning and by no means claim to be a professional. I mainly do this as a hobby and if I make some money off of it, then fantastic! So far I am having a blast and it feels great getting out of the house and doing something that I enjoy. I still have lots of practice but so far I think I am doing well.


  1. Lovely shots, I am a self taught PSE user and I just read the on-line tutorials, so keep going it will come together. Cheers

  2. YOU have a great eye for it too - I taught myself nearly everything I know so just keep practicing.

  3. Very cute photos.

  4. Aww thank you all..Makes me feel good when someone likes my stuff :-)


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