Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Favorite Material Possessions

We all have them, our favorite material possessions! This could be from something huge to something very very simple. In order to think of what these were for me I had to think what I would hate to lose in a house fire. What are those things that I would try to grab before I ran out the door?
(By the way this is the Tuesday 10)

1. My photos! I take pride in keeping up with all my family photos over the years and through all the moves and divorces! (two) I believe I would be lost if I did not have those wonderful moments captured of all my kids while they were younger. 

2. Quilts, my grandmother has made me two quilts. One of which has my oldest daughters hands (pattern) sewn into it. My daughter was around five years old when she did this. She is now fourteen.

3. Angel ring holder and my great grandmothers wedding set. This was given to me when she passed away. I was thirteen at the time. The angel ring holder is of course just a cheapy from the dollar store but this is a gift that I had given to her. 

4. My laptop computer! Where would my life be if I did not have this. My how the times change

5. I know I could not grab these while running out the house but I am very attached to my butterfly canisters. I got them around 9 years ago. 

6. My associates degree in paralegal studies! Yes I still have this in its "case" it may not be doing me any good but it was an accomplishment in my life. 

7. My car, its not new but it runs and gets me where I need and I love it

8. My rings, I only have a few but I cherish the rings my husband has gotten me. 

9. My phone!! Oh my I would be lost without this thing!

10. My camera! Images above brought to you by my camera! Our family moments brought to me and everyone by my camera! Capturing beautiful portraits for others! My camera.

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  1. These are great! I love the meaning behind the ring holder! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Adorable! I just love your butterfly canisters. :) So true about our electronics addictions... all the same!
    New follower <3


  3. I'd so totally grab my computer and phone too. :) AND my Kindle, my camera, and my IPOD. LOL


  4. Oh my, what would I do if I lost my computer....YIKES!! Those canisters are dear and I love the little ring holder...all mean something special to you.

  5. The butterfly canisters are beautiful! I can see why you love them :)


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