Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Yes I realize I am posting late in the night for the Sunday Hunt. I even got everything prepped and ready for it last night. I have just been lazy today and not really doing a thing on the computer. This is the first time I have even picked it up today.
Anyways on to the Sunday Scavenger Hunt brought to you by Ashley Sisk over at Ramblings and Photos.
This weeks categories are beneath your feet, capturing movement, texture, face your fears and currently. 
I themed it with Instagram!!

Beaneath Your Feet
My son does not like the grass on his feet! Such a silly little boy. And yes those are my fuzzy slippers. 

Capturing Movement
My daughter asked for a ripstick for Christmas. Some type of skateboard. Does she like it? You tell me.

My son has a thing with texture when he eats his food. Here is my baby trying a tomato which took him forever to even touch it because he did not like the feel of it.

Face Your Fears
My biggest fear is drowning! I even have nightmares about it. But this was some flooding we had a couple years back. My husband insisted we get out during this to take pictures. I was scared to death and I still AM!!

My baby boy on a slide at the park for the first time. This was yesterday. Many days will be spent at the park this summer!

There you have it. Another week of my scavenger hunt findings. 


  1. I think the hardest one to capture is face your fears and I think you did an excellent job at it. great pics, love the one of your boy squishing the tomato! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. I have to smell my food, but I can totally see why he would want to check out the texture! And yes, I think she likes that rip stick thingy! Great photos!


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