Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday 10/ The Soundtrack To My Life!

Woo Hoo! This weeks Tuesday Ten is awesome!! The ten songs of your life. 
Thank you to Mom2MemphisAndRuby
and Adventures with Rogue Baby for being the host and co-host of this weeks list! Stop by and say hi to them and show them some love! 

I am actually going to do my best in putting these in a somewhat fashionable order since I have a touch of OCD. 

1. Just A Swingin' by John Anderson
I actually don't remember or have the memory but have been told this many many times by my parents and my grandmother. When I was about two years old we lived in Texas and my grandmother ran a bar, it was also geared towards family. Evidently we spent lots of time there. The story goes that I would dance on the bar to this song and would go around asking "quarter? quarter?" to all the customers and would want this song played over and over on the juke box just so I could dance. 

Now songs  2-6 are not in really any order considering they were around the same time but here is: 
2. Tear In My Beer by Hank Williams
For obvious reasons there is not an official video for this. This song is in my memory because my daddy was a huge fan of Hank Williams and this is one of the songs he listened to a lot. Not to mention he always has a beer in his hand. I love my daddy!

3. Daddys Hands by Holly Dunn
My sister and I both agree 100% that this song is my daddy! My daddy still lives (thank God) but this will forever be his song from me and my sister. We love you Daddy!!

4. American Pie by Don Mclean
This song tells a huge wonderful story in its lyrics. The reason this song sticks with me is because it reminds me of my Mom. She sang this song all the time (still does). She always blasts the radio when it comes on. This is her favorite song, therefore this song belongs in my life reminding me of my Mom! I love you momma!!

5.Friends In Low Places by Garth Brooks
Sorry no video because from what I read he does not allow his stuff on youtube? But anyways this song has meaning in my life because when I was young my daddy broke his ankle. He was unable to work for awhile because he had to have surgery and etc...He broke it pretty bad. So people got together and threw a benefit dance for him. We did not know either until the end. This is the song that I learned the 10 step to. It was a huge hit back then during that time. 

6. Let's Go Crazy by Prince and Revolution
I could not find a video anywhere except where the link leads you. This song..LOL me and my childhood best friend made up a dance to this song and danced to it at a school talent show. I believe we were in the fifth grade. So much fun and I will always remember that. 

7. 3 a.m. by Matchbox Twenty
January 11th, 1998 this song was playing on MTV in the delivery room when my oldest daughter was born! Will never never forget. 

8. Bartender Song by Rehab
At one point in my life I could relate to this song. My car was taken by an ex and totaled because he was mad at me. This song reminded me of that back then..Not to mention it was quoted to me. 

9. Angel Eyes by the Jeff Healey Band
My current husband sang this song to me January of 2008. He said this song is to me from him. How sweet huh?

10. Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson
My husband claims this is me! That this song is who I am. 

There you go! My Tuesday Ten for this week. Hope you enjoyed it and really hope you participate in this fun theme. Click the image below and link up at our hosts site. Have fun!!


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