Friday, July 27, 2012

From Beginning To End--To A New Beginning

I meant to post this blog a week ago but have been doing my other blogging stuff, that I am just now getting around to doing. (watch, I will be struggling this weekend to find a post to write.)

Anyway last week my husband decided to make a surprise for me. He went and bought the lumber and I kept guessing and guessing but he never would tell me. When we got home from his Lowes trip I had to lay down and take a nap because I was wiped out.

When I woke up this is what he had done. Well he had it a bit more put together. He asked me to help him put it up on some saw horses so he could work on it some more. I honestly can not remember what he said for me to pose this question but I said "Why, its just a bench?" His reply was.."Yeah and?" Ha Ha he told on himself! I knew what my surprise was. Well not so much of a surprise now.

So here is the work of my bench in progress.
 Logan had to help too!

 Then of course I had to help also. 

Here it is! My hand-built, custom made 8ft. bench. Trust me it has gotten great use just this one week of its new life. Its nice having a place to sit outside and watch my son play or watch the birds. I have been getting up in the mornings when my husband comes home from work and sitting, just me and him outside watching the birds and just chatting. This is the beginning of new memories for us. It is amazing how such a small thing can play such a role in our everyday life. Especially an 8ft. bench.

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  1. Oh what a wonderful hubby you have and so glad you all are enjoying 'resting' on the fantastic bench ~thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  2. When do I get one???? Four foot bench would do. :)

  3. Wow your husband is very talented!

  4. What a really nice surprise, how sweet!! Love that you are now making memories on his surprise!!


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