Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making A Cranky Baby Happy With Babozoo

Just admit it, all of us mommies have been there. We are trying to shop, run errands or have a dinner and our child or children decide it is a good time to get cranky and scream at the top of their lungs to try to get anything but give you peace. Sometimes it can be embarrassing. I especially hate it when we are in a restaurant. Many times have we played the whole, you hold the baby while I eat then I will hold the baby while you eat. So much for enjoying our dinner together. Sorry folks it happens when you have kids. Kiss your peaceful meals goodbye! Kiss the quiet shopping time goodbye and kiss an enjoyable trip to the grocery store gone too. Oh who am I kidding. I never liked doing most of those things anyway. 

With my second child we had to totally avoid the toy aisle in Wal-Mart. If she seen a barbie of any sort she wanted it and she let us know that she wanted it and if she did not get it she let us and everyone in the dang store know. (thanks to her grandma) My first was 14 and a half years ago and I can not remember much except using the whole "Do you want to go to the bathroom?" For you parents out their that have never heard that phrase, it means. I will tear your butt up in that bathroom if you do not listen! Do not make me have to take you to the bathroom! One of the many phrases I swore I would never repeat to my kids that my parents repeated to me. 

Okay anyways back to what I want to get at. Okay let me set the scene for you. Parents waiting for their much anticipated, delicious steak dinners when all the sudden your year and a half year old gets mad. Really mad just simply because he or she is bored! You give him or her crackers, in the floor it goes. You try bread, in the floor that goes. You even try to give them the silverware and you got it..to the floor it goes. Mom goes into panic mode and dad is looking around to see who all is staring. This is when we bring out our trusty smartphone. Which in reality it was probably already on the table beside you. We always went to the Bubble Guppies show that was put on the phone by my husband just for this reason. 

Guess what? I found something just as good. I hope! I have not tried it in public yet but I have done it here at home. I found an app. for Logan. The name of it is Babozoo. It is for ages six months and up. Its simple but yet when I handed my phone to my son with this on he started laughing immediately and forgot what he was mad about to begin with. Its a free download on the android market. I am not sure about Iphone but I am sure it is available. It has little animal faces pop up with their sounds. Its a learning opportunity for your little nugget! Its simple but the only thing that is missing is a lock. My son can push the home key and get out of the application and get very upset again and then we have to repeat the process. My screen could stand to be a bit bigger for this but my son loves it and that is what matters. Watch the video and see for yourself. 

So the next time you are out with your little nugget and they decide to let everyone know that they are unhappy try this app and see if it works for your kiddo! Hope it works for you as it has me so far.....Until he gets bored and I have to find something else. If you are interested in checking it out go HERE


  1. This is great! What I would have given for that when my Sara was little. We gave up on restaurants for awhile unless we had a sitter! She is now 36 and I'm off to TX to visit her, her hubby, and 2 darling children--my TX grandkids age 19 months and 3---I'm soosoo looking forward to it!
    Thanks for stopping by my place. I enjoyed coming by here! You've got a beautiful family!:>)

  2. Oh I forgot to say that I was sitting here laughing with your son while watching that video. That was a day brightener for sure! Thanks for sharing it!:>)

    1. Oh he is something! Laughs at some the silliest things. He brightens my day everyday.


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