Thursday, April 5, 2012

American Idol Shock

All I have to say about this is.....WHAT???? DeAndre got eliminated and not Elise or Holly?? I realize DeAndre was the wild card choice, but his performance was way much better than Elise's or Hollys' Tuesday night. America got this one wrong in my opinion. The bottom three, DeAndre, Holly and Elise. My vote would have been sending Holly home. I don't know but her performance of "Flash Dance" just was not great at all. It lost my attention. I turned to the computer for entertainment while she was on. 

Elises' performance of "I Wanna Know What Love Is" by Foreigner was mediocre. She stumbled through some of it and was very pitchy. Not the best compared to last weeks rendition of Led Zepplins "A Whole Lotta Love" where she killed it. 

Comparably between these three DeAndre deserved to stay. He had energy, he had a great connection with the song and had fun with it. I am very disappointed in America Idol watchers vote to send this young man home. All in all I still think he will have a bright future and we have not heard the last from DeAndre Brackensick.

For your enjoyment recap of DeAndres' performance of "I Like It"

Hopefully America gets it right and keeps my main man Phillip Phillips!!!! I would love to see him the as the next Idol

Click on the link below to see Holly perform "Flash Dance, What a Feeling"
Holly, Flash Dance- What a Feeling

Click on the Link Below to see Elises' performance of  Foreigners "I wanna Know What Love Is"
Elise, I Wanna Know What Love Is

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