Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Happy Easter to all! This is new to me also and hoping it will be tons of fun and my readers can join in also. Just click the above image for complete details. Scavenger Hunt Sunday items are: New, Life, Fragrant, Pink and Obvious..So here are my findings :-)


My New 2 liter of Pepsi! I am not so sure I could live without it


The day my beautiful son was born!


The flowers my husband bought me and made me a promise I will never be without flowers for as long as we are married!


My Favorite Pink Starburst Jelly Beans!


It is very very Obvious that I have a baby. This is my living room. 

There it is, my scavenger hunt findings. Come back next Sunday for the next round. Of course come back everyday to check for new blogs :-) 


  1. nice set of photos! your Happy Keaster pic is a crack-up!

  2. Glad you joined in, it's so fun. Aren't you the lucky one with flowers from your husband all the time. Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I did these pics from my phone. Next week I will use my camera.

  4. Ha ha ha! Love the last pic...and I too could not live without my pepsi! Thanks for the follow, following you back. Looking forward to getting to know you! xxoo-Kim (SoCal Mom)

  5. Great interpretation for life - such a beautiful moment.

  6. Thanks for the follows and thank you Ashley, I was afraid maybe it would be a little to graphic but I took the chance.

  7. Hehehe. love your photos! The flowers are gorgeous!

  8. Love your fragrant! Beautiful!


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