Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Learning To Walk

So my son Logan is now almost 14mths old and just now started pulling himself up on the couch, coffee table, the entertainment center or whatever his little hands can pull himself up on and walk around the objects by holding on. He has one downfall to this activity. He has not figured out how to just let go of it and fall to his butt and go on to the next place. He will literally sit there and fuss and complain until either me or his daddy go "rescue" him. He seems to only do this when he is at the entertainment center. He will literally stand there forever if you don't go rescue him. Poor baby cries the whole time. No tears but fussing!!
So I am left with a dilemma, keep rescuing my poor baby boy or just let him figure it out?? Now as I am typing this up he is actually at the coffee table doing the same exact thing. Lord help my patience and help my baby boy learn to, just let go..Total different meaning than us adults have learned what to just let go is. 

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