Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fingernail Experiment Gone AWESOME

So recently I have started doing my nails. The best place to go to of course in pintrest for inspiring ideas! Oh yes I love love that website!!! So I decided to look on there for some nail designs when I came across this one. 
Galaxy Nails

Looks cool huh? But unfortunately I don't have those exact colors to use so I decided to use my own colors and make up my own design and here is what I came up with

My Version

Not to bad I don't think and I really like it. Now that the weather has warmed up it is also flip flop time so of course it's time to start painting toenails and I always try to match my toenails with my fingernails. But this time I decided I wanted to be different. I painted my big toenail the same as my fingernails then painted each individual toe with one of the colors I used to make up the colors on the big toe and fingers. Here is how it turned out. 

Toe Nails, no making fun of my feet!

I'm happy with the end result! This is a simple design but it does take some time. All you do is use a make-up sponge with the color you want and dab it on your nails. Do the same with each color you decide to use. Pretty neat! I cant wait to see what I can do next. 

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