Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday 10

I have been following some other blogs and thought it would be fun to participate in the Tuesday 10 lists! This weeks theme is 


I am going to try to be realistic as possible with this scenario, such as no internet access or able to use my smart phone (which I would probably die) Also I am only planning on this desertion for only a month so I shall make my list accordingly.

First I would want a Man
Preferably my husband to keep me company or just anyone I think would do. Ha Ha, I hate to be by myself and I would get bored out of my mind with no one to talk to. Also I need someone along to do some of the work or most of it, you know like providing and making us a shelter

REM (ready to eat meals)
Lets face it, who wants to work so hard at catching food? Besides I am not a big fan of seafood not to mention I am allergic. 

Sleeping Aid Pills
If I don't have my box fan to help me sleep I will need something to help me or I will go crazy from insomnia. A crazy, sleepless woman on a deserted island with her annoying husband could turn out bad!!

Toilet Paper
Yes and lots of it, I am not one to go wipe on the leaves or something. That just wont work and knowing my luck I would get stuck with poison Ivy or something of that nature and suffer with a rash down there. Yeah not a good month.

I don't want to spend my month sunburned and miserable

Journal and Pen
Got to be able to write down all those irritating moments without going insane crazy. 

This needs no explanation

A Huge Lighter Full Of Fuel
Only makes sense, have to start a fire

I am not so sure that laying in the sand and getting it into unnamed orifices would be so fun

Endless Supply of Ice Cold Beer
I can hope right:-) If I stay drunk the whole time I may not go crazy from an annoying husband (love you), no phone, no internet, crappy food and isolation and over-tiredness does not sound so fun but add some alcohol in the mix, I could make it fun!!

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  1. haha! the beer one made me laugh! this is a great list!!
    thank you for linking up!


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