Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Obsession

I downloaded this as soon as it was available on Android! I have spent lots of time using and playing with this app and I absolutely love it. 

Last night I discovered the photo grid app on android

This app plus the Instagram app has become my new obsession. I spent many hours just playing around with both of them last night. Here are some of my results

Yup I love both these apps and I am sure you will see lots more photos using the Instagram app and the photo grid. I even have a tab for just my Instagram photos. 

I am not affiliated with Instagram or photo grid in any way!


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for visiting and joining the Getting To Know you hop. Have a blessed and fabulous day! :D

  2. You have some really cute pics with your new instagram app...I have it, but so far haven't started taking that many pics. Still addicted to the big camera, I'm old, takes time to adapt new habits.

  3. Looks like you are having great fun with your new obsession!! Happy week ahead!!

  4. Deanna, I still use my old camera also..Just I always have my phone attached to my hands.


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