Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rainy Saturday

My back yard
Rainy soggy woods

Today has been a pretty boring day in the Hopper household. It's been rainy and stormy here all day long. We were blessed to wake up to some rain and thunder. Unfortunately I don't get to enjoy the thunder as much as I used a year ago before we welcomed our basset hound into our home. She is terrified of storms. 


We just relaxed in the house and I played with my Instagram app I installed on my android. I am pretty impressed with the editing tools on it and how easy it is to use. Yes the above pictures I used this new app. We also watched a Will Ferrell movie "Everything Must Go" and I was also impressed with this movie. Not his normal acting up and being funny but a serious role he plays as an alcoholic who's wife left him. Now that my son is up from his nap our t.v. is taken over by the "Bubble Guppies." In the meantime I will play some more with my Instagram. (Check out my Instagram Tab to see all my Instagram Photos)

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Preview to "Everything Must Go"

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